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|| Poojyaya Raghavendraya Sathya Dharma Ratayacha ||
|| Bhajatam Kalpavrikshaya Namatam Kamadhenave ||

Music is all about Divinity and therapy. The opportunity to help people using music has been a dream of mine. Yoga mudras and Music had the potential to cure ailments and heal people for generations.

So I asked myself "How can we combine music with yoga?"

The answer to it is Raga Miracle. Listening to the ragas while exercising the yoga mudras is the approach behind Raga Miracle.

The term Raga Miracle means wonder through Raga. Ragas create positive vibrations that can be used to cure ailments in people. This app provides you with a list of ragas that can help you heal your ailments. Many musicians and scholars have conducted research on healing ragas and I pursued the research by understanding the profundity of each healing Raga. An article on the topic "Raga lakshanam" is what lead me to pursue this idea in the first place. Each Raga has its own authenticity, and this authenticity is the purpose behind healing ragas.

Combining them with yoga mudras experimentally provides an absolute remedy for your ailments. This combination helps you heal yourself both physically and emotionally. There are few general instructions that are requested by you to follow to optimize maximum benefits of this App.

  • Listen to the raga for your ailment everyday for 48 days.
  • Make sure you are placing the right yoga mudra while listening to the raga.
  • Close your eyes and sit comfortably with a clear mind.
  • Due to domestic circumstances, if specific time is not possible, then it can be practised before going to sleep.

Following the instructions provided in this App would definitely help you create a strong and stable morality to lead your lives better.


Music is a Mystical medium of communication. It has existed from time immemorial, from the evolution of universe.

It has the power to touch the deepest chord in a human being empowering them to have a divine experience of heaven on earth. All life forms in this universe not only enjoy music, but also have a positive influence in their quality of life.

Human body exists in two levels; the gross material and non material level. The chakras are the energy centres from where nerves converge and emerge. The chakras are active at all times whether we are conscious or not. It vibrates with the movement of Praana, i.e. the collective life energy for a human body to function properly.

Praana consist of consciousness, divine power and life itself. For all the above elements, the chakras should be in balance.

Of the 720 chakras in our body, 7 chakras are considered most important. They are Mooladhara, Swadhishtana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudhi, Aagna and Sahasraara. These chakras give strength and vitality to various organs in our body and maintain their efficient functions.

Of the 7 main chakras, Aagna and Sahasraara chakras resonate at 1000 times/minute while the other 5 chakras resonate at 600 times/minute. These 7 chakras become imbalanced due to various factors such as toxins, emotional stress and negative thoughts which lead to several diseases.

The Indian civilisation was already familiar with the therapeutic role of sounds and vibrations. The svaras of musical octave SRGMPDN are related to the 7 chakras in the human body with Panchabhootas i.e. five elements of the nature Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space.

The ancient system of Naadhayoga has fully acknowledged the impact of music in our body, mind and soul. Repeated listening to a particular raga at a particular time being chosen for a particular disease produces a network of sound vibrations. It is believed and proved that if one sings with devotion following the Shruthi shudha and Raga lakshana of certain ragas; it has the ability to affect positively on certain nerves. The vibrations of the notes activate the chakras to start the healing process.

Music is a discipline and a mistress of good manners. It makes people calm, gentle, moral and more reasonable. When you feel helpless, depressed and dejected, music is the morale booster as it rejuvenates the mind, bringing ample bliss and brilliance.

A musical note has its own distinct psychological effect and is also related specifically to a colour, mood, chakra and time of the day. One of the unique traits of Indian music is that the assignment of definite time of the day and night for performing or listening to ragas. It is believed that a particular raga appears to be at the height of its melodic beauty and majestic splendour at a given time of the day. There are some ragas that are very attractive at the dawn of the day, some appeal to the dusk while few ragas spread their effervescence only near the midnight hour. This connection is based on the daily cycle of changes that occur in our body and mind.

Extensive research has been carried out to find out the effects of ragas and raginis to the human body and mind.