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|| Poojyaya Raghavendraya Sathya Dharma Ratayacha ||
|| Bhajatam Kalpavrikshaya Namatam Kamadhenave ||

Music is all about Divinity and therapy. The opportunity to help people using music has been a dream of mine. Yoga mudras and Music had the potential to cure ailments and heal people for generations.

So I asked myself "How can we combine music with yoga?"

The answer to it is Raga Miracle. Listening to the ragas while exercising the yoga mudras is the approach behind Raga Miracle.

The term Raga Miracle means wonder through Raga. Ragas create positive vibrations that can be used to cure ailments in people. This app provides you with a list of ragas that can help you heal your ailments. Many musicians and scholars have conducted research on healing ragas and I pursued the research by understanding the profundity of each healing Raga. An article on the topic "Raga lakshanam" is what lead me to pursue this idea in the first place. Each Raga has its own authenticity, and this authenticity is the purpose behind healing ragas.

Combining them with yoga mudras experimentally provides an absolute remedy for your ailments. This combination helps you heal yourself both physically and emotionally. There are few general instructions that are requested by you to follow to optimize maximum benefits of this App.

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About Founder

Sujaii Krishnamoorthy

Born in Mangalore, a city in Karnataka, Sujaii Krishnamoorthy started learning music at the age of 8 and went on pursue a career in Music. Shortly after her marriage in 1992, she moved to Chennai, where she trained in vocal music for 11 years under the tutelage of Nadabrahma Vidwan Shri T.P. Vaidhyanathan & Mrs. Indra Vaidhyanathan.

She received her Bachelor and Master of Music honours from the University of Madras. She also trained under the Kalaimamani Shrimushnam.V. Raja Rao and Smt. Padma Chandilyan for a brief period of time.

She performed in SUN TV and also at various Sabhas during the December musical fest in Chennai. She was honoured with the Title "Gana Saraswathi" by the TAMBRAS Association, TamilNadu in the year 2007. She released 2 Audio CD's namely "Shri Sadguru Charanam" and "Dasanubhava(exclusively Purandharadasa compositions)" respectively.

She has presented more than a couple dozen episodes on Healing Ragas in the show Swara Raga Sangeetham in Vikku TV.

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